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Say goodbye to wasted advertising dollars on non-human or poorly targeted traffic, as our cookie-free approach eliminates inefficiencies and maximizes your ROI. With our innovative methodology, you can rest assured that every advertising dollar is invested wisely, reaching real, engaged audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Because Bots Don’t Buy Products or Services!

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How This Works

Gather Lists

We start with a list of mailing addresses from your CRM or supplied by a third party that you want to target.

IP and Target Match

The algorithm uses numerous first party data points to match the list to IP addresses
with a 95% confidence level.

Deploy the Campaign

After matching, we serve ads to the devices connected to the IP addresses correlated to your list.

IP Targeting Example Map
Aerial view of buildings with outlines around exact targeted IP address area

Precise Targeting How About 3 Feet

We utilize a cutting-edge patented algorithm to ensure precise, traceable, and transparent targeting by seamlessly matching physical addresses to IP addresses. We can even match to a metric square. 

This advanced technology enables us to establish direct connections between businesses, marketers, and their current or potential customers with unparalleled accuracy, catering to both B2B and B2C applications.

IP Enrichment

IP Enrichment merges a patented IP Targeting process with segmentation data sourced from one of the world’s most comprehensive third-party data providers. This innovative approach empowers you to finely tune and personalize your target audience by leveraging a wealth of demographic and psychographic insights.

With IP Enrichment, you have the flexibility to tailor your targeting strategy in two distinct ways:

Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting

Select from a diverse array of demographic and lifestyle segmentation filters, including gender, age, education, household income, occupation, and more. This precision targeting ensures that your message reaches the right audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Lookalike Targeting

Lookalike Targeting

Expand your reach by identifying lookalike prospective audiences who exhibit characteristics similar to your existing customer base. Our On Target Report provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

With IP Enrichment, you unlock unparalleled potential to refine your marketing efforts and connect with your ideal audience like never before.

Targeting Works

Start Your Campaign Today

We can get your campaign launched in as few as 4 hours. 

  • Gather Lists and Client / Prospect Data

Our platform simplifies the process of managing and responding to customer inquiries and concerns by consolidating all of their interactions and data in one place.
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  • Set Target Locations / Targeting Events

A single inbox allows you to combine all of your phone, email, chat, and messaging app conversations in one location, improving your efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Mutual of Omaha Campaign Ads on web pages
  • Deploy Campaigns

Advanced reporting provides insights into your company’s performance over any time range, helping you optimize your business operations.
  • Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting provides a clear picture of your advertising campaign’s performance. It details thenumber of impressions, clicks, and the click-through rate (CTR%) for each ad since the start of the campaign.

Download Your Templates

Creatives need to be made with the following dimensions set in px (pixels). These are the top recommended sizes for optimal ad serve. Creatives need to be exact (i.e., not 301 x 250) – deviation from these dimensions will NOT serve.

We only accept the following file types:

  • .jpg (or .jpeg)
  • .png
  • .gif  (animated image)
  • .zip (HTML5)
  • Ad Tags

We do NOT accept the following file types:

  • .psd (Photoshop document)
  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .swf (Flash)
  • .pict

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